23nd Anniversary

We help our clients improve customer and employee satisfaction, reduce overhead, and improve profitability.
This is achieved by our ability to deliver software Innovation, Integration & Automation.

Are you still relying on people to classify documents and manually transfer data from docs to software systems?

We can show you how to harness power of Optical Character Recognition ("OCR") to:

  • Automatically classify and store inbound documents
  • Transfer data from documents into your software systems like accounting packages, CRMs, and others

Collabrian has years of experience in ABBYY FlexiCapture, and FlexiCapture For Invoices, and we can show you how to achieve reduction, and even near elimination, of document processing and data entry.  Use this ROI calculator to understand the huge potential cost savings FlexiCapture to can bring to accounting accounts payable department alone:

Enter The Number of Invoices Processed Per Month
Enter Current Manual Handling Time Per Invoice (minutes)
Enter Yearly Salary Of Invoice Processor ($)

 Contact us and we won't just tell you how it can be done, we'll show you!